Chapel Hill

Saturday (week 1, 3 and 5): 5.45pm

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Mong Chapel

Saturday (week 2 and 4): 5.45pm
Sunday (week 1 and 3): 10am

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Church of the Assumption

Vigil Saturday at 7pm
Sunday – 11.00am
Weekdays – Mon, Wed, Fri – 9.30am

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Donate to Our Parish

Contact the parish office to register for envelopes facilitating regular contribution at Mass. Alternatively for convenience set up a Standing Order contribution by downloading this form. A standing order will act as a substitute for all of the envelope collections.

Charity Tax Refund
The Church as a designated eligible charity under Section 45 of the Finance Act 2001 can reclaim a percentage of your PAYE, if you pay PAYE. To qualify annual contributions to our weekly and clergy envelopes or via Standing Order must be €250 or over. If you pay tax at 20% we can claim 20% of your contribution. If you pay at 41% we can reclaim at least 41% of your yearly contribution. If you give €250 p.a. (or €21 per month) it is then worth a minimum of €300 p.a. to the parish, with the addition of the Revenue’s contribution.

At the end of each financial year, the Parish Office will send a statement to you, if you have contributed €250 or over. You simply sign the statement, insert your PPS Number and return to the Parish Office. Any benefit will be returned from the Revenue Commissioners to the Charity i.e. the Parish. This is worth €2,500 approximately per annum to the Parish and could be increased.

If you pay tax by Self Assessment, you simply give the certificate which you will get from the Parish to your accountant. Any benefit will be returned directly to yourself and can be contributed back to the parish.

You are under no obligation to participate in this Scheme.