Chapel Hill

Saturday (week 1, 3 and 5): 5.45pm

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Mong Chapel

Saturday (week 2 and 4): 5.45pm

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Church of the Assumption

Vigil Saturday at 7pm
Sunday – 11.00am
Weekdays – Mon, Wed, Fri – 9.30am

Confessions after 7pm Mass when requested.

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Mass Reponses

The truth be told we are all still a little at sea when it comes to the new Mass responses and that is a good thing. It shows how comfortable with and accustomed to the responses of the Mass we had become. It was habit and part of our instinctive response to the prayers.

The changes to these were introduced at the start of Advent last year. Since then we all have struggled with the ‘new’ responses. It is hard not to slip back to the older way and maybe on occasion it is easier simply stay quiet and let someone else do it for me. The down side of this is that we might not feel part of the celebration but more like spectators. Ideally we would all answer the responses, as that is our way of praying together.

To help with this we have produced a new compact response cards that you will find in the churches this weekend. We invite everyone to take these in hand at the Masses every weekend and say the responses. It is good support to know that the person beside me is praying as hard as I am – even if it is for different things!