Chapel Hill

Saturday (week 1, 3 and 5): 5.45pm

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Mong Chapel

Saturday (week 2 and 4): 5.45pm

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Church of the Assumption

Vigil Saturday at 7pm
Sunday – 11.00am
Weekdays – Mon, Wed, Fri – 9.30am

Confessions after 7pm Mass when requested.

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This is a list of Parish and Community groups and notices which relate to each. Click on the group name below for more information. If you would like your community group or service to appear on our website please contact the Parish Office, (056) 77 93 191

Altar Servers

For more information contact Fr. Bollard.
Tel: (056) 77 24 279

Care of the Church

For more information contact Breda Kenny, Sacristan
Tel: (085) 1500575

Childrens Liturgy Group

For more information contact Maria Maher
Tel: (087) 220 6409

Church Choir

For more information contact Brideen Kirwan.
Tel: (087) 6338148

Community Choir

For more information contact Brigid Doyle.
Tel: (056) 77 24 170

Friends of St. Columba’s

For more information contact Ellen Kelly.
Tel: (056) 77 54 826

Ministers of the Eucharist

For more information contact Margaret Ryan
Tel: (086) 8548509

Ministers of the Word

For more information contact Joe Dunphy
Tel: (056) 77 24 378

Parish Finance Committee

The Parish Finance Committee advises and assists the Parish Priest in the administration of the ecclesiastical goods of the Parish. It advises the Parish Priest in all areas pertaining to the financial management and administration of parochial property and goods.

The members of the Thomastown Parish Finance Committee are Eamon Bookle, Alice Challoner (secretary), Valerie Cotter, Fr. Dan Bollard, Joe Doyle (Chairperson), Ignatius McCombe, Sean Morrissey, Donagh Sheridan.

The Committee meets ten times each year, or as matters need to be dealt with. The members can be contacted regarding concerns and suggestions of Parishioners.

You can download the Parish Finance Statement 2010 here

For more information contact Parish Office
Tel: (056) 779 3191

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Parish Pastoral Council

This is a representative group of people in our parish working to promote the Christian way of life. As followers of Jesus Christ we seek to identify the issues of our time, through prayer, the celebration of the liturgy, listening to God and to the people of the parish in discerning the present needs and in planning for the future; and in doing so build up the kingdom of God.

The current members of the Parish Pastoral Council are Sister Bernadette Bergin, Ms. Brigid Cassin Begley (Secretary), Ms. Dawn Dack, Fr. Dan Bollard, Mr Michael Collins, Mr. Santy Joseph, Mr. Cian Kelly, Ms. Monika Kiejna, Ms. Róisín Mernagh, Ms. Deirdre Mooney, Mr. Michael Piert, Ms. Sarah Rice (Chairperson), Ms. Edel Ryan, Ms. Ann Sheehy.

The Parish Pastoral Council meets ten times each year.  Enquiries and proposals can be made to any member of the Council.

Contact Parish Office

Tel: (056) 779 3191

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Prayer Group

For more information contact Joise Ryan/Mary Dunphy.
Tel: (056) 77 24 352/(056) 77 58 421

Prebapismal Team

For more information contact Margaret Ryan.
Tel: (056) 77 24 825

Senior Citizens Association

For more information contact Vonnie Walsh.
Tel: (056) 77 24 021

St Joseph’s Young Priests Society

For more information contact Marian Fennelly
Tel: (056) 77 24 794

Youth Choir

For more information contact Catriona Hynes/Ben Walsh
Tel: (056) 77 24 036/(087) 77 14 968